Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate access to public information by aggregating publicly available data, which enables us to improve the functioning of the entire vaping industry.

Through our actions, we facilitate the ability to check the legality and safety of products, which increases trust in legal and tested products. Thanks to our efforts, we increase awareness among users of vape products.

How can you help us?

If you are a producer, simply create an account and update information about your products, especially updating product photos and identification data such as the product barcode and UFI code. This makes it easier to identify your products.

If you are a user of vape products, it is worth leaving a review of the product for other users. Thanks to your feedback, the manufacturer can also improve the quality of their products.

About us

Bespoke applications to solve operational problems

TechStream Group Ltd (T/A vapeclick) is a software company that designs and develops bespoke applications to solve operational problems within businesses and industries to enable positive change.

TechStream has been working in the vape industry for over 4 years, assisting several vape compliance agencies and vape manufacturers to process submissions to MHRA, TPD, and FDA.

TechStream recognised that there were several challenges facing the vape industry in accessing fast, accurate, and effective vape / ECig submission data.

The team realised that the vape industry stakeholders needed a new way of accessing the published public data with the ability to interrogate the information to reinforce consumer safety, protection, and awareness. vapeclick was developed to negate the challenges.

Head over to our features section to see how the vapeclick solution can benefit your organisation.

*Please note VapeClick development is entirely ‘self-funded’ by TechStream Ltd. There is no funding or investment from Tobacco industry.