Fast, accurate & easy to use apps serving the vape industry

VapeClick is a multi-feature application serving the vape and e-cigarette industry. The primary features of which are fast, accurate, and detailed access to all current publicly available vape / ECig published notification data (over half a million brands) as published by the MHRA.

Access to this data in a simple and quick format reinforces consumer safety, protection, and awareness, and allows enforcement agencies and retailers to rapidly identify UK-wide listed vaping and ECig products by name and sight.

The VapeClick platform allows submitters or manufacturers to manage their listings on a unique level, producing bespoke reports on their published & notified vape / ECig products building on the existing dataset by adding key information about the products such as the strength, barcode (EAN), flavour profile, images, 'where to buy' and contact information.

Users of the VapeClick platform can purchase additional 'enhanced' features such as email notifications on additions, updates and the removal of listing, or purchase an 'application programming interface' (API) to integrate the data with their own systems streamlining the management of submissions.