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Vape-Click App Lists all Legal Vape Products in the UK

The Yorkshire-based company TechStream Group Ltd, a leading technology solution provider has designed and published the UK’s single largest public database of all legally listed vape products for the benefit of the £2.3 billion vape industry;


The Rise and ‘Likely’ Fall of Disposable Vape

Managing a database of over 750,000 branded MHRA UK ‘submitted notified’ vape products is no mean feat, particularly in the booming UK vape market where a record 4.3 million people now use vape products as an alternative to smoking (ASH Data).


‘Eco Vape’ and ‘Aspire’ Partner to Meet Disposable Vape Customer Demands in the UK.

In the face of consumer demand for higher capacity disposable devices, two stalwarts of the vaping industry (Eco Vape Ltd and Aspire) have partnered to meet the demands of the customer by listing the UK’s first Hybrid product - the ‘BEAR + Aspire R1 Hybrid Device’ - capable of more than 3500 puffs!


Convenience retailers should expect much closer scrutiny in the wake of the khan review, warns lee bryan

Retailers, wholesalers and distributors can take a leading role in ensuring they do not trade in non-UK compliant and counterfeit products.


Retailers to see much closer scrutiny following Khan Review, warns expert

An expert adviser on the regulatory regime around vapes has on Tuesday warned that convenience stores and other retailers must expect much closer scrutiny in the wake of the Khan Review into smoking.